“Christine is an amazing instructor. She makes every class fun and challenging for both Toffee and me. I really appreciate the positive reinforcement and clear instructions. Going to class is the highlight of my week.”


“I REALLY like you’re teaching style. Clearly explained and demonstrated, solid baby steps (like the fencing gate behind the weave poles) before moving forward, the time you take to adjust to all ages with height adjustments, keeping it fun yet structured but also recognizing and not making a big deal of that they are dogs and sometimes dogs do what dogs do (and their owners!) etc…. Your passion and dedication for the sport is obvious. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your weekly classes.”


“Christine’s method of teaching is purely positive.  ‘What you did was great but you might consider doing it this way’…..Brix and I both respond well to positive reinforcement  Agility class helps our bond get stronger and increases our teamwork!  It is also a great way to try something new in life!”

Ollie and I started agility classes last winter when he was 6 months old. Besides having a ton of fun, I have learned so much from Christine about how to be a good dog parent. She always sends me home with advice on how to handle certain behaviors (we’re working on impulse control right now). She understands dogs so well and helps me see the world from their prospective. Christine is funny, encouraging, sweet…the best agility trainer ever!


Peach and I started agility training with Christine the summer of 2018 and have been doing it ever since (without any breaks!). We were hooked from the very first class when it was clear that Peach loved it. It gives her an outlet for her high energy, mental enrichment, she has gained huge amounts of confidence, it has strengthen our bond, and it provides safe socialization. 

Christine has the experience to back up what she teaches and gives clear direction. She is also very patient with us humans, as it can be challenging for us! She has been very accommodating from the beginning and I truly love learning from her. Peach and I both look forward to seeing Christine every week!”



 “Geordie and I have had such a great time working wtih Christine. She really understands the needs of different breeds and ages of dogs and makes it so much fun for my dog and I to learn together.”


“Christine conducts her classes with passion, enthusiasm and patience. We (my lab Dory and I) have been taking agility and, more recently rally obedience classes with Christine for a couple of years now.  I can’t say enough great things about Christine and how gifted she is at balancing pointed, tailored instruction with caring and humor.  We learn and we laugh at every session.  Thank you Christine, for all you do, including taking this picture of Dory!”


“Judy and I have known Christine for many years.  We go out of our way to train with her.  Whether you are a beginner or a veteran like us, Christine makes it easy to do better with your dog.  Her experience is vast, her instructions are clear and easy to follow and her insights are, well, insightful. You can’t go wrong.”

“I got back in to agility at the age of 39 with an adult Walker Hound that has a hunting background. Everyone I told thought I was nuts. BUT! From the beginning, Christine saw the same great qualities in Soph that I do and has been nothing but encouraging and supportive…. And patient… SO patient. Her incredible knowledge base, way with the dogs, and fun classes have made relearning agility more fun and successful than I could have ever hoped. And agility has given me a relationship with my dogs and reason to stay in shape that you really can’t beat!”


“I’ve been training with Christine for 2 yrs. Rigger and I were & still are quite new to agility. Along the way Christine has taught us quite a lot, too much to list here. We have since completed Act 1& 2, have learned to memorize most of a course, learned the terminology of Agility, & are now entering our first Trial! Christine explains things very well, she takes her time with all students, & is Extremely Knowledgable of the Sport.”



“When my sweet boy Diesel came to live with us I wasn’t prepared for his seemingly endless energy. We needed help. Christine has been great and she has taught us so much. Her voice runs in my head ‘Don’t give up, keep working with him, he’s going to be a great dog.’ And he is. I can’t believe how far we’ve come. We’re a team, thanks to Christine.”


“I know Dottie and I have both learned so much from your classes…your classes are fun and we are both tired when we leave!”



“I love training and dog classes. It’s been a dream of mine to try agility for many years and Christine has helped me and my 7 year old rescue dog, Kaylee do just that!! I look forward to class every week and wish I could attend more than once a week. Kaylee loves to go to class just as much as me!! Its a wonderful place to go and learn no matter your skill level or end goal. If you love your dog and want to train with a positive approach this is where you and your fur kid should go!! I have been working with Christine for less than a year and Kaylee has earned her CGC, CGC-U, and Novice Trick Titles as well as attending her first agility competition in February 2019! Kaylee was a dog that has no training when I started working with her.”




“Isla and I have been working with Christine for over eight months.  She is a patient instructor who strives to make sure that each training session is a positive experience for both dog and owner.  She has a depth of knowledge that allows her to teach techniques that are individually appropriate.  Her classes are fun and interesting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”



“Phinn and I have taken a few agility classes with Christine. I have used many trainers over the years (my dog is 9 ½), with different goals in mind each time. We signed up for agility just for fun. We had loads of fun! However, we got so much more out of our work with Christine. She taught us very useful “tricks” for dealing with some doggy issues-that had nothing to do with agility. Practices we will continue to use forever. As well as the fact that many of the agility skills carry over into everyday behaviors. I’ve never met a more positive trainer (or person for that matter). She truly takes “positive reinforcement” literally; with your dog and also with you! She makes you feel like YOU are the best student ever and your dog, the smartest and most talented ever! We will always keep coming back for more as it just gets better and better! I didn’t think my bond with my pup could be any stronger but our time with Christine has made it so.”