About the Classes

All classes at Go Dog Go are $200 for six weeks. Class schedules are listed below with class descriptions located below the schedule. If a class is listed as FULL you can request to be included on a waitlist. People get into classes off waitlists throughout the year.


Starting October 22

9:30 AM: Puppy Genius

10:30 AM: Being A Good Dog 101

11:30 AM: CGC Prep

12:30 PM Smartdog games (rolling)


Starting November 4 (skipping November 12, November 19, and December 17)

2:15 PM: Rally Obedience (FULL)

3:45 PM: Competition Agility (FULL)

4:45 PM: Competition Agility (FULL)

6 PM: Feisty Agility (FULL)


Starting October 23

6 PM: Puppy Genius

7 PM: Being A Good Dog 101


Starting November 21

5 PM: Intro to Agility (FULL)

6 PM: Intermediate Agility

7 PM: Competition Agility (FULL)


Starting November 8 (skipping November 22)

4 PM: Intermediate Agility

5 PM: Advanced Agility (FULL)

6 PM: Competition Agility (FULL)

7:05 PM: Rally Obedience (FULL)


7:15 PM SmartDog Games


Starting December 1 (skipping December 29)

10:00 AM: Rally Obedience (FULL)

11:30 AM: Competition Agility (FULL)

12:45 PM: Intermediate Agility (FULL)


Starting August 5

8:30 AM: Intermediate Agility (FULL)

9:45 AM: Intermediate Agility (FULL)

11:00 AM: Intro to Agiltiy (WAITLIST)


Privates are also available from:

Hannah Clifford KPA-CTP is now offering 6 week private training packages at Go Dog Go for students looking to work one-on-one with a trainer on issues regarding basic manners, functional life skills, and puppy training & socializing.

Rally Obedience: Rally Obedience is a fun sport which focuses on the connection between the dog and handler while they maneuver a course with obedience skills. The rally classes at Go Dog Go are mixed levels with some novice teams and some advanced teams.

Intro to Agility: Intro to Agility is exactly as it sounds! Teams are introduced to many of the dog agility skills and equipment. Teams can expect to begin simple sequences in Intro and be well set up for the more advanced agility classes. Dogs must have gone through a manners class before registering for this class.

Intermediate Agility: This agility class is intended for dogs that have recently finished the Intro to Agility class. Sequencing skills along with additional handler skills will be taught. Dogs begin to work off leash in this class.

Advanced/Competition Agility: These agility classes are for students that have gone through the Intermediate Agility class. Classes are mixed with some teams already competing. Teams don’t have to compete. Many students come to weekly classes simply to have fun and continue building their confidence (and their dogs!).

Puppy Genius: Puppy Genius classes are for puppies six months and younger. Puppies learn to loose leash walk, sit, down and other simple skills. Puppies will take the AKC STAR Puppy test on the final week of class. Please bring your puppy to the first class!

Being A Good Dog 101: This class is intended for dogs six months or older. The class focuses on loose leash walking, coming, and other foundation behaviors like “stay”. In addition, each week several tricks will be taught and the class will test for the AKC Novice Trick Dog title on the final week of class.

CGC/Therapy Dog Prep: This class builds off of skills learned in Being a Good Dog 101 and prepares you and your dog with the skills you need to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. We recommend that dogs take Being a Good Dog 101 prior to taking this class. The class will test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen title on the last week of classes.

Teen/Adult Manners: Later start to training? No problem! This basic manners class will get your pup up to speed and have you working as a team in no time. We’ll go over basic dog behavior, skills like sit, stay, down and loose leash walking skills.