About the Classes

Christine teaches a variety of classes in the Southern Maine region. Most classes are taught at Poetic Gold Farm in Falmouth, Maine – one of the sweetest and happiest training facilities you’ll ever find.  Classes offered at Poetic Gold include rally, agility,  and Canine Good Citizen. Christine also offers classes and private lessons in agility and rally obedience at various locations. Interested individuals can sign up for classes via this webpage or by emailing Christine at ctilburg@securespeed.us. In addition, Christine is an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Trick Title Evaluator, and Agility Course Test (ACT) Evaluator.

The next session at Poetic Gold starts:


Mondays starting February 24

4:00 PM Advanced II Agility

5:00 PM Intermediate/Advanced Agility

6:00 PM  Advanced II Agility

7:05 PM Rally Obedience


Wednesdays starting February 26

5:00 PM Advanced II Agility

6:00 PM Advanced Agility

7:00 PM STAR Puppy


Fridays starting March 13 (skipping April 3)

10:00 AM Rally Obedience

11:30 AM Advanced II Agility

12:30 PM Canine Good Citizen


Sundays starting March 8 (skipping March 29)

4:00 PM: Intro to Agility

5:00 PM: Intermediate/Advanced Agility

6:15 PM: Reactive Agility (Invite Only)