Other Instructors & Classes

Go Dog Go is excited to also offer classes from other dog training instructors that add to our community. You’ll find information about the classes below along with the instructor’s email when you’re ready to sign up! Each of these instructors adds to our program and we’re really happy to be able to support them along with our own dream!

Hannah Clifford (hannah@trainmeanimaltraining.com): Hannah’s interest in animal training began just over 10 years ago when she became a volunteer puppy raiser for the organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Since then she’s been hooked! She now holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Behavior from the University of New England and is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. While finishing her studies at UNE, she completed an internship with dog trainer extraordinaire Christine Tilburg. Training dogs and horses is Hannah’s passion and she enjoys being able to share that passion by helping others meet their training goals with their own four-legged friends. Hannah aims to be an advocate for evidence-based positive reinforcement training and is committed to furthering her education in this field.