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Shadow SkillsPrivates with Hannah C.Being A Good Dog 101 (Hannah) (Sunday AM)CGC Prep (Hannah) (Sunday AM)Puppy Genius (Hannah) (Sunday AM)Competition Agility (Christine) (Sunday PM)Feisty Agility (Christine) (Sunday PM)Rally Obedience (Christine) (Sunday PM)Being A Good Dog 101 (Hannah) (Monday PM)CGC Prep (Hannah) (Monday PM)Puppy Genius (Hannah) (Monday PM)Being A Good Dog 101 (Hannah) (Tuesday PM)Intermediate Agility (Christine) (Tuesday AM)Puppy Genius (Hannah) (Tuesday PM)Advanced Agility (Christine)(Wednesday PM)Competition Agility (Christine) (Wednesdays PM)Rally Obedience (Christine) (Wednesday PM)Competition Agility (Christine)(Friday PM)Rally Obedience (Christine) (Friday AM)Intro to Agility (Christine) (Saturday AM)Special Workshops, Run Thrus, Boot Camps, Etc.